About Me


 I began my artistic ventures while still in diapers, and continue my  journey to this day.  

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      My career as an artist began in adolescence, by entering competitions, painting signs for local businesses, and selling dirty pictures to other teen-age boys. Artistically I focused on drawing fantasy and comic book characters around this time. 

     I joined the Marine Corps right out of highschool and travelled around to different tattoo shops peddling designs. One such shop offered me an apprenticeship and by 2002 I started tattooing.  

     Over the course of my career, I took painting and illustration classes from  a wide variety of instructors all across America. I have studied both online, in classrooms, and in studios. An Artist who is not continuously learning, is not an artist, and I look forward to continuing my growth. 


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My Tattoo Philosophy

1. Tattoos should compliment the body part on which they are placed.  

2. Easily readable tattoos are the most aesthetically appealing tattoos.

3. Tattooing is a collaborative art form between artist and client. 

     -  A client with a clear vision gets the best results. 

     -  A client who trusts the artist's knowledge and experience will get the best results.  

     -  An artist should be willing to listen and ask questions to obtain a clear vision with the goal of providing the best results.  

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